Amor de pelicula/Movie Love/Dragoste de filme

Dragoste de filme/Amor de pelicula/Movie Love

Regie: Sebastián Mega Díaz (2019, Argentina)
Scenariu: Sebastián Mega Díaz, Sebastian Caulier
Cu: Nicolás Furtado, Natalie Pérez, Guillermo Pfening

The rules of the romantic comedy and its magic but also its distance from the nature of love in real life are a central part of Amor de film . The story it tells has the characteristics of a typical film romance but it also deals with contrasting it with the not so glamorous everyday life and finding the value in that love with fewer fireworks but with other more lasting qualities.

Sebastián Mega Díaz's film begins with a review of the rules of the genre, through a short in which the protagonists meet, to then move away from that fiction and enter their life as a couple in crisis. While Martín ( Nicolás Furtado ) is trying to advance his career as a film director, Vera ( Natalie Pérez ) is taking off in hers as an actress. Thus, the film is part of the tradition of the "remarriage" comedy, in a youth version, in which the protagonists discover what they need to move forward as a couple and also recover some of that initial magic.

The strength and originality of the initial approach is lost a bit in much of the development, by leaving the more comedy aspect in the background, a field in which both the script and the performances work better (in that sense, the participation of William Pfening as an unreliable theater director is a great contribution). A deeper development of the protagonist's internal conflict and the process that leads him to change certain attitudes would also have been interesting.

With details that refer to romantic comedies such as Can a love song save your life? o Lyrics and music , Love of a movie pays him an entertaining and sincere tribute to the genre, showing his admiration for it, even with its clichés.



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